Conveniently located close to St ClarFleuranceLectoure and their Medieval castles, covered markets and monuments.

 Avezan  is located in the heart of Gascony. Protected by the castle since the 13th century, fortified tower overlooking the valley of the Arratz river.

« .. The castle was a possession of the viscounts of Lomagne In 1285, he passed by gift of Othon, Viscount of Lomagne and Auvillar, in the hands of Sanche Garcie de Manas (Manas Sans Raymond). Having rendered fealty to the Duke of Aquitaine (John of England) during the Hundred Years War between the Kings of England and France, he plundered and devastated the countryside, at the head of a band. The destruction of the village of Enconde near Maubec, in 1388, attests.
The castle was bought in 1651 by Alexandre de Larroquan who had built the west front, then it is his brother, Jacques, Field Marshal and arms of the king, who takes possession. He added to the building of a double wall, a tower and a walkway .. « 
The castle can be visited.

Discover the Gascon heritage and its local specialities. « The Garlic House« , « Public School Museum« , Honey museum« .

Saint Clar is paired with Gilroy, CA USA – Anenon, Spain and a the city of Gruissan, France on mediterranean sea.

Closely located to local thermal centre, lakes and leisure centre for walkers and cyclists.

Squash and Golf.. 15 km from « The Golf of Fleurance« .
Around a XVIII Gascony house with colombage, the course has natural difficulties (oaks and ashs tress, stream) and artificial one (bunkers, small valley). One can play all year long, thanks to the softness of the Gascony weather and a total watering in summer.
With 9 star all different holes in return, you will have the feeling to have done an 18 holes course. Has been listed by « golf European » magazine in the 30 best 9 holes golf in France.


Lectoure  Thermal Centre…. Invitation to Wellness, to regain fitness and vitality, enjoy a wide range of activities and personalized care for a few hours or days.